Supplements Plan

The supplements below and their dosage are specific to my own case, and I only take them after consulting with well-educated practitioners. Symptoms alone should never inspire anyone to take supplements. Combining education, experience and lab/tests work is the only way to make such decisions Current Supplementary Plan Started in November 2023  CBD 3500 mg

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My PEMF Experience

I have researched and spoken to the best specialists in the field. I had several sessions with Dr. William Pawluk, who is "the" expert in the field of PEMF. We agreed to go for two therapies, one at a time (to minimize costs). Low-Intensity Device (Beginning of 2017) This device, called FlexPulse, helped me when

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Atlas Orthoganol

First Opinion I met with Dr. Sandlin Lowe online again who introduced me to another great doctor named Dr. Scott Bender (Chiropractor). Scott Bender, D.C., B.C.A.O. is the founder and director of Connecticut Spine & Health Center, the first Atlas Orthogonal Healthcare Center in the state of Connecticut We met at length, and he spent time

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The first time I heard officially about HBOT as being a "safe solution" for my case was by Dr. Nasha Winter. That was back in Feb, 2018. My major complaints were my brain function challenges which I documented here. The conclusion of the exercise from her side very strong (and simple). She asked me to

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Transcranial Photobiomodulation (tPBM)

Near Infrared Light Therapy I met Dr. Harrison Salisbury (Chiropractor) online.   He gave me very kindly nearly an hour of educational time. He suggested that I consider photobiomodulation devices from Vielight.  That device works in different ways in comparison to the Erchonia XLR8 device (LLLT) that I have (more about it here).    The doctor then

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2017 to 2019 I have worked with Dr. Barry Sterman , MD in person and also Dr. Kamran Fallahpour in New York in person and two more other specialists (total of four). They have different devices, protocols and doctors with Neurofeedback. The outcome was that depending on the type of protocol and machines, it either did

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Healing SIBO

Initial Breath Test Readings Positive for hydrogen sulphide producing Supplements Neem PlusBerberineALLIMAXSome Probiotics Diet Three months of Low FODMAP diet (restricted). Secondary Breath Test Readings Negative reading (after 3 months) Status Healed. Redoing the test showed that it is cured.  Note that SIBO was detected and treated after leaky gut was detected and treated (because

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Ketogenic Diet

New Ketogenic Diet Started Again November 1st, 2020 My diet followed the modification to stay away from what Array 10 from Cyrex has shown. Having discussed this further recently with Dr. Flannery earlier this year, I have followed a more restricted version of the diet where I stayed away even from the items that are in the EQUIVOCAL

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Detoxification Program

Late in 2018 I tried cleansing diet/supplements.   The 10-day program was a bad idea, as it turned out that those with Autoimmune issues should not be going for a cleansing diet without first resolving their autoimmune challenges. The one I took is named "Clear Change 10-Day Detox Vanilla" I ended up being weaker and had

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