About Mohammad Banat

I'm an entrepreneur who founded and runs an IT company in the Middle East. However, my life took an unexpected turn after I underwent brain surgery in 2009 to remove an Oligodendroglioma in my temporal lobe.

Supplements in Stock

Supplements in StockThe following supplements are ones that I have accessible. Some were mind, and some others were for other patients who returned them.Apex EnergeticsRepairVite-GT (info)Glutathione Recycler (info)Adaptocrine (info)NeuroFlam (info)NeurO2 (info)Acetyl-CH Active (info)Researched NutritionalsBioDisrupt (info)Protocol for LifeAcetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg (info)Phosphatidylserine 300 mg (info)Boswellia Extract 500 mg (info)Glutathione 500mg (info)L-Theanine 200 mg (info)GABA 750 mg (info)Designs

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Potential Drug Interaction and Seizures (7/2019)

I have just learned how Epilepsy medications interact with supplements and selected number of healthy dietary foods.I am left with interesting thoughts. Basically, the following interacts with a good number of supplements when majority of the epilepsy medications are used. Here are some:Curcuminfound in Turmero Active.Ginkgo Bilobafound in NeurO2. This did cause me aurasEvening primrose oilfound in

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Hormones Imbalance

New Test Results are Out (09/2019)Finally, the test that was recommended by Michelle Gerencser, MS, from DUTCH Comprehensive Urine Hormone Test is out.The outcome is interesting, and I am yet to speak to someone about the outcome.As you can see, the E2 is below rangeYou will be also to see all the items that are outside the rangeThe

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Examples of Brain Challenges

This is a selected list of brain challenges that I am suffering with.I toss color names as I say them (especially green!).I toss my kids names as I say themHard for me to remember project namesWhen typing, I may type “write” as “right” (since surgery). Sometimes I do this more often than others. I discover

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2021: Second Surgery

The below are the plans for what takes before, during and after my surgery. Supplementations Michelle Gerencser has given me a detailed plan on how to use the current supplements, when to stop them and how to resume them. The details can be found here That included what to take before, during and after my

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MRI Timeline

How Many So Far? I’ve taken probably thirty seven MRI scans since 2006. Almost all of these tests were with contrast until I discovered that making so many MRI scans with gadolinium-based contrast was a bad decision. Therefore, in early 2018, I began to omit part of the contrast with each MRI all until I

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