Ketogenic Diet

New Ketogenic Diet

Started Again November 1st, 2020

My diet followed the modification to stay away from what Array 10 from Cyrex has shown. Having discussed this further recently with Dr. Flannery earlier this year, I have followed a more restricted version of the diet where I stayed away even from the items that are in the EQUIVOCAL area.

This once I did the Intermittent Fasting (16/8), too.

It’s extremely boring indeed to follow this diet, especially with the so many things that are not allowed as per Array 10.

Practically, I stopped from the following for the rest of my life

  • Dairy (can you imagine this diet with Cheese?)
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Tufu
  • Macadamia
  • And I will miss these even if I was outside Keto. Namely wheat, gluten, and Rice

I cut the long list of 180 food antigen and I shared only the ones that are not “IN RANGE”. The full list can be downloaded in full, however.

January 2020, Stopped Keto Again

As I was tired with the diet (my body gets tired and I do not see any benefits). Worth noting that I was eating/allowing parts of the “EQUIVOCAL” in the results.

Perhaps that didn’t make things reflect positively during the diet.

I went instead to AIP Diet, and that surely gave me excellent energy and gave me more options. I refrained from what’s “OUT OF RANGE” of course.

Did that help me heal my body, however? Sadly, it didn’t (along with the supplements I was taking during that period).

Started on September, 2019

It is because I finally discovered why it these two previous trials failed.

Here’s the brief…

My Genetic Testing & Analysis test done back in 2017 showed that I can safely take dairy products. This was necessary to decide how to go about my Ketogenic diet and I’ve learned that with the help of Alison Gannett (more about her later “two old trials” section) who showed me how read that!

However, what I did not know about dairy products was that there is another reading to consider before going that route .

Only in October 2019 did I have results from Cyrex that showed me that I cannot consume dairy safely, without hurting my body (my brain mainly). That test of Array 10 showed me other things too.

It turns out it is the dairy products (time with the diet will only show the truth!) that caused the failures in the past with Ketogenic diet. Typically, most of Keto diet recipes (and literature) contains dairy products all the way.

The first test named My Genetic Testing & Analysis that I did back in 2017 showed that I can safely take dairy products. I’ve learned that with the help of Alison Gannett!

However, what I did not know about dairy products was that there is another reading to consider before deciding what’s possible. Dr. Datis Kharazian goes a shorter root, and just avoids milk when treating patients with brain challenges.

Having discovered that, I decided to give Ketogenic diet a third try seeking to see if it will help me get my brain function challenge back!

Six weeks down the road, I know I am definitely succeeding with not getting any of the old symptoms. Nonetheless, nothing yet to celebrate from the experience (wrote this on 10, 2019). Patience!

1st Failing Keto Trials

Conducted on 2016 and 2017

I worked through this diet twice. Once in 2016, and once in 2017. Unexpectedly, both times, I could not do more than two months as my seizure threshold lowered for no clear reason. Added to that, I was fatigued, and I am guessing that was caused by the seizures and auras.

So, with full sadness because of its potential, I had to stop it.

In July 2019, I learned that perhaps my reactions were caused by the drug interactions, and also may be caused by Leaky Gut and SIBO being present? I’m opting to try next month right after I’m done with the boring RepairVite diet.

Worth Noting: My trials were with dairy products. I learned from Dr. Datis that this is something that should be avoided.

Ketogenic Coach for Cancer

I worked with a great consultant coach back in 2018 named Alison Gannett. That was when I was on milk, and therefore despite all the great effort and guidance, it did not work.

You can check her website here

She customizes the diet plan with blood chemistry and DNA testing, and she figured out that some genes made it safe for me to consume milk products.

You can check my 1-page Genetic Genie Detox Profile, and also the Methylation Profile

She worked hand in hand with Dr. Nasha Winters, who also consulted with me (will be writing about her soon on a separate post)

I could not continue with the plan, however, as my body broke back then.

I spoke to her after the new readings, and she could not agree however that I should be avoiding dairy products.