About Me

I am originally a person who runs his own IT company in the Middle East.

After I had surgery back in 2009 to conduct a brain resection in my temporal lobe caused by an Oligodendroglioma Stage II, and my life thoughts started changing dramatically.

I was thinking that cancer was all I needed to take care of and learn more about, but I discovered that this is absolutely not the full truth.

At first, I learned more about diet from a great specialist in that area; her name is Michelle Gerencser, from nutritional-solutions.net, and she helped me get exposed to the connection between potential healing and what we eat.

Afterwords, I decided to try a career in Functional Medicine back in 2015, only to discover that I have bigger brain learning challenges that will not allow me to study.

I decided that I needed to fix my brain first, then go for my new career to help other patients. So far, I haven’t nailed it.

Meanwhile, I attended an Annual International Conference named “The Dynamic Brain” at the Institute for Functional Medicine in Las Angeles back in 2017. That changed the way I see whole Healthcare Industry related to Brain Neuroplasticity and Regeneration, and made me meet many amazing doctors (I became their patient and student)

Then, as I fell in love with Dr. Datis Kharrazian during that event, I decided to be one of the first people to attend the Kharrazian Institute as soon as it was out!

I attended the following three courses:

Meanwhile, I worked with many practitioners who worked with me on different paths to resolve the many issues that were discovered, and I’ve documented many of them on the website. During that time, I had my second surgery in 2021 in Spain.

I look forward to healing my gut and brain so I can switch into this amazing track to help others who are in need.