2021: Second Surgery

Below are the plans for what to take before, during, and after my surgery. Supplementations Michelle Gerencser has given me a detailed plan on how to use the current supplements, when to stop them, and how to resume them. The details can be found here That included what to take before, during, and after my

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Supplements Before 2nd Surgery

As per Michelle Gerencser GI SYNERGYStop 4 days before surgeryRepairViteSTOP completely.Michelle believes that when one is having Mycotox like I do, and has brain cancer growing, the L-Glutamine will grow cancer further. She believes only once Mycotox returns negative results, should I be taking it.Taking SBI Protect Powder because it is safe. I will start

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2nd Brain Resection Surgery Videos

Dr. Bartolomé Oliver, PhD, in Neurosurgery Surgeries We have four videos (less than 5-minute videos each) that took place on January 4, 2021. Dr. Oliver was kind enough to arrange these videos during the surgery. YouTube restricts the videos by default, so you need to click on each video to be able to see it.

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Lab Reports

I have worked with many practitioners that asked for many different lab tests, and I am sharing below these tests that took place in the last few months. Blood Work Summary2016 to 2020 All my historical blood work in one simple sheet running on functional medicine range (A Microsoft Excel Sheet) Mycotox TestFebruary, 2020The results

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Neurological Rehab Program

InnovaBrain On July of 2019, I went to see Dr. Frank E. Patterson, to begin the proposed program at InnovaBrain. The assessment was more extensive and thorough (a day and a half!). Dr. Frank's diagnostic findings led to the impression of subclinical frontal, temporal, and cerebellar deficits with vestibular processing challenges. Therapies included vestibular rehabilitation,

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Epilepsy Medication

I did stop using Trileptal already as you can see here. It is worth mentioning here that at worst periods over the years, I typically get two seizures a week, and an aura every other day. When things are at their best, auras occur only once every two weeks, and seizures don’t visit for three

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Intestinal Permeability

Supplements RepairVite™ (K60) PowderStrengtia™ (K61) GI-Synergy™ (K64) Packet (stopped) Diet/Notes Highly restrictive protocol. Low glycemic, no milk, soy, coffee, …etc. more details upon request Notes about GI-Synergy It has content that can increase seizures, so I stopped. More information can be provided upon request Status Positive ProgressCyrex Labs second test shows positive progress.  Attending Dr.

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Past Surgeries, Beyond Brain

Hernia: 2016 Hernia repair. More information (including videos) are available upon request. The operation was considered successful. Appendectomy: 1984 I had an Appendectomy. It has been completed successfully according to my parents. Worth mentioning: No supplements nor dietary guidelines were given from then until now. I feel this is something that needs to be looked

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