First Month Post Surgery

Right After Surgery 4th of January 2021 I woke up in the surgery room and went into the ICU. The first assessment was by a neurologist making basic tests; one key was my legs.  They were all good.What happened right after that was that I met my wife, so I could be given CBD (this was

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The Surgery in Spain

Summary After the surgery, the pathology confirms it is Grade II Oligodendrogliomas You can download the report here.   Arriving to Barcelona, Spain 29th of December 2020 I arrived five days prior to the surgery.   The trip took around 9 hours, and I arrived safely after taking high doses of Boswellia, as per the recommendation that Michelle Gerencser

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Supplements Before 2nd Surgery

As per Michelle Gerencser GI SYNERGYStop 4 days before surgeryRepairViteSTOP completely.Michelle believes that when one is having Mycotox like I do, and has brain cancer growing, the L-Glutamine will grow cancer further. She believes only once Mycotox returns negative results, should I be taking it.Taking SBI Protect Powder because it is safe. I will start

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2nd Brain Resection Surgery Videos

Dr. Bartolomé Oliver, PhD, in Neurosurgery Surgeries We have four videos (less than 5-minute videos each) that took place on January 4, 2021. Dr. Oliver was kind enough to arrange these videos during the surgery. YouTube restricts the videos by default, so you need to click on each video to be able to see it.

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