Potential Drug Interaction and Seizures (7/2019)

I have just learned how Epilepsy medications interact with supplements and selected number of healthy dietary foods.

I am left with interesting thoughts. Basically, the following interacts with a good number of supplements when majority of the epilepsy medications are used. Here are some:

  • Curcumin
    • found in Turmero Active.
  • Ginkgo Biloba
    • found in NeurO2. This did cause me auras
  • Evening primrose oil
    • found in Nitric Balance and ClearVite (but maybe traces?)
  • Uva Ursi and Wormwood
    • found in Yestonil (which I was considering)
  • Starflower
    • Found in Clearvite-gl-vanilla

I know today that having stopped my long term use of Curcumin, I had made a great impact on auras/seizures in two days since the beginning of July 2019!

I know having tried Ginkgo Biloba (standalone) had caused auras/seizures increase. (I had it tried to see if was the part that made me uncomfortable with NeurO2 back in 2017)

(references available upon request)