Brain LLLT Program

Low Level Laser Therapy (10/2019)

I was first introduced to the whole thing with Dr. Beverly H. Kune which gave me plenty of time and assistance and dedication to teach me more about LLLT.

She then informed me about many great doctors, but she led me to Dr. Trevor Berry to discuss further ways for me to improve my brain function challenges. I flew to Arizona to meet meet him there in person on Oct 2019

Dr. Berry lend me his lunch time offering me help. I felt guilty as I had him do most of the talking during his lunch time where I was learning a lot about his approach of how he would treat someone with my case, with the Erchonia XLR8 device that I purchased.

I am summarizing the outcome of how the proposed set of protocols are follows:

Protocol A (did not start yet)

Did not start yet. Intend to start Nov 1st

  • When: AM time and PM time
  • Configuration: 4, 10, 40, 60
  • Technique: Beat the right hand in sequential manner (e.g. every second) while trying to remember words.  Say colors then associate to a meaning.  Example: Black > Coffee, Yellow > Banana.   Note that this would be the hardest game my brain will be challenged with
    • On an iPad app called Metronome, someone should tell me numbers, and they’ll time it while I say those numbers.   (numbers may be 2, 4, 9, 8).  The Metronome will tell me if I was too quick or too slow.
  • Location: Left Frontal Temporal Lobe
  • Targeting: Reduce brain fatigue

Protocol B

Started Sep 20th

  • When: PM time (right before sleeping)
  • Configuration: 4, 10, 40, 250
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Technique: During those two minutes, I should be reading something challenging without trying to memorize what I’m reading.  As time (days) go forward, I may notice that I have started naturally remembering what I read.  I picked this basic article, by the way.
  • Location: over the left ear
  • Target: reading/memory

By the way, I noticed that my wife was able to read the article above I read twice as fast as me (that was from her first time, while I .

Protocol C

Started Oct 10th

  • When: Any time during the day.
  • Location: Cerebellum, right side.
  • Technique: make infinity sign for right hand and left leg, where they work in harmony but in opposite directions of each other
    • Notes: it may start harder to meet the target properly at start, but with time it will get better.
  • Target: Cerebellum coordinates muscle activity as well as fires to contralateral frontal lobe amongst other things
  • Duration: 2 minutes

Protocol D (No Laser therapy)

Did not start yet. Intend to start Nov 1st

  • Time: at night
  • Location: Nostril Smell
  • Ears: listen to Music (that I like) on your right side, while smelling something on your right.
  • Technique: move your right hand at a fixed sequence (e.g. once every 1 second)
  • Configuration: No use for device

Protocol E

Started Oct 10th

  • Time: at night
  • Location: vagus nerve (left and right)
  • Configuration: 10, 10, 10, 10
  • Duration: 1 min on the left, 1 min on the right of vagus nerve.


Take deep breathing and/or meditation – which will take as long as it can take. The more the merrier

Next Checkpoint

The doctor said that we should see the outcome of one month of the above as some progress must be seen. I intend to talk to the doctor on Dec 1st.

Focus Builder Application

The doctor also showed me to an app named Focus Builder that can be used on an iPad. That had me buy and install the app.

There was a specific configuration under the part of the app called “Combination Saccrades & Pursuits”. The settings are as the below

Using this application/game must be used during “Protocol A” (which means, it will be used twice a day).

Class 4 Laser (2/2018)

Dr. Richard Copper was excellent and kind while working with me as his patient. He had me try 8 sessions of Cold Laser Therapy.

They were conducted “away” from the left temporarily lobe (the previous cancer area) .

Outcome: I got my dreams back at night, which I had lost since surgery, but not the brain functions I was hoping for.

I will soon be writing more about what equipment was used, and how it was conducted without risking brain cancer, as conducted by Dr. Richard.