2021: Second Surgery

Below are the plans for what to take before, during, and after my surgery. Supplementations Michelle Gerencser has given me a detailed plan on how to use the current supplements, when to stop them, and how to resume them. The details can be found here That included what to take before, during, and after my

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How 6 Worst Days Passed

An EEG ProceededFeb 2nd, 2021Having been feeling good about not getting seizures since surgery felt good - despite that I used to have acceptable auras once every week .   I had done an EEG few weeks before the surgery, and I thought it's good to compare current time vs. the time before surgery.The outcome was

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First Month Post Surgery

Right After Surgery 4th of January 2021 I woke up in the surgery room and went into the ICU. The first assessment was by a neurologist making basic tests; one key was my legs.  They were all good.What happened right after that was that I met my wife, so I could be given CBD (this was

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The Surgery in Spain

Summary After the surgery, the pathology confirms it is Grade II Oligodendrogliomas You can download the report here.   Arriving to Barcelona, Spain 29th of December 2020 I arrived five days prior to the surgery.   The trip took around 9 hours, and I arrived safely after taking high doses of Boswellia, as per the recommendation that Michelle Gerencser

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