Atlas Orthoganol

First Opinion

I met with Dr. Sandlin Lowe online again who introduced me to another great doctor named Dr. Scott Bender (Chiropractor).

Scott Bender, D.C., B.C.A.O. is the founder and director of Connecticut Spine & Health Center, the first Atlas Orthogonal Healthcare Center in the state of Connecticut

We met at length, and he spent time reading my MRI to get his hands on my case in further details.

The doctor had a theory that I have a Craniocervical Syndrome (like did Dr. Lowe thought back in 2018).

The tests require a specific MRI setup, and that isn’t available in Jordan, where I live.

If I had the case, then it may be looking something like this

I am unable to travel to the states anytime soon, and so I decided to put that part on hold for a few months anyways.

It takes about 10 to 12 days to make the treatment, and it requires an exercise that takes 30 minutes during those times

Second Opinion

I had a great discussion with Dr. Harrison Salisbury on on “Members Only – Kharrazian Institute” on the private Facebook group. He told me the following:

You are remarkable. You’re doing so many good things and inspiring others

Sounds like the primary issue may not be coming from cranial cervical syndrome but it is fairly common and the more problems and upper motor neuron signs person has the more likely they may develop cranial cervical syndrome as a secondary issue which will cascade into others.

Definitely get the top of your neck checked out by more than one upper cervical chiropractor. If there is a problem get it addressed and at the least it would help your body be much more efficient at dealing with its other trials

I really like that you have looked into low level laser therapy. If you look through my YouTube and Instagram account, you will see tons of examples of people with the craziest neurologic conditions improving dramatically. I have to Erchonia lasers that work great. I honestly think the Vielight infrared laser works better and it’s 5 times less money. Not to mention way easier and simple to use.

It also has the intranasal applicator to go up to the bottom part of the brain

So, my old her YouTube videos I have some seniors but no longer use a walker or a cane as they used to depend on. Sluggish heart problems and all sorts of brain conditions and vanished way.

The only precaution is that since you have a history of seizures it could literally stimulate you to have an episode. So you’d have to be very careful with that

Vielight also has an X plus unit that I’ve used successfully on the gut for dramatic improvement with healing the gut lining. Nothing like it!!

Instead of Depending on the gut to fix the gutter with nutrition and supplements, go after it with a laser and vagus nerve stimulation

Dr. Harrison Salisbury, on August 4th, 2020

I then had a video call with him where he explained the concepts. He was kind enough to teach me the basics!

In conclusion, I decided to get myself a Near Infrared Light Therapy and I am waiting to get it, hopefully in two weeks (before end of August 2020)

Dr. Tod Cahill

19 May 2021

I then spoke to Dr. Tod Cahill in Dubai, and he kindly explained to me how it is possible to do an X-ray that may show my case properly.

This is one of his videos that shows his work on Atlas Orthoganol

He explained in brief what the X-ray technician can do to determine whether I have the case.

I traveled to Dubai and had my tests, and he showed that I needed to visit him several times for him to do what’s needed (and we did!). I wasn’t very sure that this made a difference for my brain functions, honestly.

This was the report prior to starting, as per the radiologist

Clinical Data:
Plain radiographic examination of the Thoracic Spine revealed:
Technique: AP and Lateral Views.

  • Dextroscoliosis of the dorsal spine seen its apex at DV7.
  • Normal osseous features of the dorsal vertebral bodies and their appendages.
  • No focal osseous lesion could be detected.
  • Intact disc spaces.
  • Intact costotransverse and costovertebral articulation
  • No abnormal paravertebral soft tissue shadows.


Dextroscoliosis, Cob’s angle around 5 degree

This was the report 2 weeks after visiting the doctor; the report is below, as per the radiologist:

Clinical Data:
Plain radiographic examination of the Lumbar Spine revealed:
Technique: AP and Lateral Views.

  • No vertebral displacement could be detected.
  • Normal bone texture and density with intact vertebral bodies and their neural arches.
  • No definite fracture line could be detected.
  • Preserved disc spaces.
  • Intact sacroiliac joints are seen.
  • No abnormal Para-vertebral soft tissue shadows.


The current study is unremarkable