Drug Interactions

All of the below is no longer valid because I am not on any epilepsy medications since 2019 I have just learned how Epilepsy medications interact with supplements and a number of healthy dietary foods. I am left with interesting thoughts. Basically, the following list interacts with a good number of supplements when the majority

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Epilepsy Medication

I did stop using Trileptal already as you can see here. It is worth mentioning here that at worst periods over the years, I typically get two seizures a week, and an aura every other day. When things are at their best, auras occur only once every two weeks, and seizures don’t visit for three

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Selected Symptoms Timeline

Here is a quick review of what some of the symptoms during the years looked like. YearSeizuresgrand malFatiguePoor mental clarityGut issuesSeizure MedsMRIChildhoodat sleep time: partial complex seizure00nomaybeNo02006no00nonono02007no00nonono020083 auras only00nomaybeno120093 auras only00yesmaybeyes32010seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes220111 seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes22012seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes22013seizure a month.  Mild00yesyesyes22014seizure a month.  Mild1 (off medication)0yesyesyes22015two seizures per month.  mid-level00yesyesyes22016once per month. 

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