MRI Timeline

How Many So Far? I’ve taken probably 39 MRI scans since 2006. Almost all of these tests were contrasted until I discovered that making so many MRI scans with gadolinium-based contrast was a bad decision. Therefore, in early 2018, I began to omit part of the contrast with each MRI until I was told that

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Blood Tests

I had plenty of tests over the years.  I recorded them in one view over the years, with colors marked when numbers are above or below the range, but on Functional Medicine range reference.  All of them appear in an Excel sheet that you can view with ease.However, I have stopped updating this sheet since

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During the Disease So, it all started with sever headache on night, and it took four hours of non-stop pain that I can describe as being harder than the headache I had the next day of my brain surgery I wrote below how things looked during the days of this test   Treatment So, I

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GI MAP: DNA Stool Analysis – Stool Test

September 2020 The report still shows H-Pylori being positive. I am currently on one-month of Matula Tea and hoping to finish by the end of November 2020 I suggest you have a look at the supplements I am taking that were  used for the Pathogens  Download the Report with more details November 2019 This was the full

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Mycotox Test Outcome

What Are Mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are toxins produced by certain molds (fungi). Mycotoxins are odorless, invisible, and tasteless. Mycotoxins can cause a variety of adverse health effects and pose a serious health threat to humans. The adverse health effects of mycotoxins range from acute toxicity to long-term effects such as immune deficiency and cancer. To use

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Urine Toxic Metals Test

August 2020 This is done by Doctor's Data. The Urine Elements are traditionally used to evaluate exposure to potentially toxic elements and the waste of nutrient elements. I worked with Aviad Elgez, ND on this to discover if I have Metals issues caused by the so many MRI with contrasts that I did. I did

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Jan 8th, 2020 Second Meeting with Dr. Lowe - Amen Clinics Three months have passed since I first met Dr. Sandlin Lowe, MD, it was meant to be that we meet again as per their request. We had two phone calls to discuss my case progress, and it was an audio call at two separate

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Cyrex: Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity Tests

Cyrex™ is a Clinical Immunology Laboratory Specializing in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity Arrays 2: Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen The test was just released on December 8th, 2020. You can download the source PDF reports below Download Array 2 - Dec 2020 Report (will upload soon) Download Array 2- Aug 2019 Report Download Array 2 -

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Viome: Gut Intelligence Test

Today, I received the results from Viome that I've been waiting for. It took them around 5 weeks. They gave us two reports (aside from a very fancy website that explains everything in text and video!) The first report is the Results Report The second report is the Recommendation Report. When it comes to food,

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