Detoxification Program

Late in 2018 I tried cleansing diet/supplements.  

The 10-day program was a bad idea, as it turned out that those with Autoimmune issues should not be going for a cleansing diet without first resolving their autoimmune challenges.

The one I took is named “Clear Change 10-Day Detox Vanilla

I ended up being weaker and had worsened my seizure control.

I have sent a blood test for Cyrex Lab to understand where am I which may yield into further action on Detoxification that is specific to those readings


I failing experience with an upcoming blood test that should show me more about what I should be doing about it .

Mohammad Banat

Mohammad Banat

I'm an entrepreneur who founded and runs an IT company in the Middle East. However, my life took an unexpected turn after I underwent brain surgery in 2009 to remove an Oligodendroglioma in my temporal lobe.