2017 to 2019

I have worked with Dr. Barry Sterman , MD in person and also Dr. Kamran Fallahpour in New York in person and two more other specialists (total of four).

They have different devices, protocols and doctors with Neurofeedback. The outcome was that depending on the type of protocol and machines, it either did nothing or it gave me auras during sessions.

Worth mentioning: Some of my doctors did not all agree that Neurofeedback was a good option for me, given that I had surgery.

I ended up having my own Neurofeedback equipment, which I am helping other patients with at the moment, as it hasn’t worked for me yet.

The device I bought is named NeurOptimal, and I bought it because it does not require the attention of a professional while I try to treat myself.

Having tried it at least 20 times without any outcome (neither positive nor negative), I stopped from using it for now.

I am thinking now that maybe I will try it again along with HBOT sessions (right after each HBOT session)

I have had EEGs and QEEEGs and the information about the doctors who did these can be seen here.