Supplements Plan

The supplements below and their dosage are specific to my own case, and I only take them after consulting with trained practitioners. Symptoms alone should never inspire anyone to take supplements. Combining education, experience and lab/tests work is the only way to make such decisions

Current Supplementary Plan

Started on Nov 2021 (with some updates in 2022 and 2023)

Previous Supplements Plan

Started on Feb 2021 until Oct 2021

(Note that I stopped the 5th phases that I was working on before surgery)

As suggested by Dr. Flannery 

I am also adding Boswellia serrata (5 x 2 timers per day) on March 1st (when it arrived) given that Dr. Flannery suggested that and knowing Michelle recommended it before surgery too.

As for Dr. Antonio Russi, his proposal is that the CBD
should move up, around double the dose I am taking. I am taking 1.3 ML evert two hours of it (its reading is 116.7 MG CBD Per ML). He is proposing 3.0 ML every 12 months instead. That’s slightly more than double the current dose. I moved to 1.5 ML and I’ll wait to hear from Michelle Gerencser on that first (and what other supplements will she be proposing).

Phase 3 out of 5 (16 weeks) Supplements Plan
Finishing Dec 1st, 2020

    1 packet with breakfast, 1 packet with lunch and 1 packet with dinner
  • RepairVite (I stopped Nov 1st just in case brain cancer is developing. Turns out this is a major reason why my cancer has grew)
    1½ scoops AM and 1½ scoops PM
  • SBI PROTECT POWDER (just finished on Nov 1st. However, I’d like to start taking it again after fixing my bad mycotox outcomes)
    1 scoop AM and 1 scoop PM
  • Resvero Active (2 tb x 3 times a day)
    Started to use again in 12/2019
  • Turmero Active (7.5 ml x 3 times a day)
    Started to use again in 12/2019. Currently using Vital Nutrients because I ran out of this one and shipping is difficult using corona times.
  • EnteroVite (3 vegetarian, 3 times a day )
    I started on 6/2019 at a lower dose. I believe this was the one that made major difference on fatigue (and seizure control, too). However, at end of 9/2019, the dosing went up.
  • Trizomal Glutathione (7.5 ml, three times a day)
    (I stopped Nov 1st just in case brain cancer is developing)
    I started to use again on 1/2020
    I take on empty stomach
  • Nitric Balance (60 ml x 2 times a day) –
    (I stopped Nov 1st just in case brain cancer is developing)
    Started to use again on 12/2019 (replacing peppermint with Strawberry after the findings on Array 5).
    (15 min following that, I do exercise)
  • EnzymixPro (2 capsules with each meal)
    started on 6/2019
  • LIQUA-D (Twice a day)I replaced that with my own set of D3-10,000 along with 120 K2-120 mg because I have these already.
  • TRIFOLAMIN (1 tablet AM and 1 tablet PM)
    Newly introduced by Dr. Flannery on Jan 2019
    (Place under your tongue and hold there until dissolved)
  • SUPER METHYL-SP (1 capsule in AM and 1 capsule in PM)
    Newly introduced by Dr. Flannery on Jan 2019
  • Brain-E DHA 1200-TG (3 soft-gel , 2 times a day – after food )
    I started taking this on 6/2019 three times per day.
  • Matula Tea (2 times a day, 2 hours away from food)
    I started November 1st, 2020 and will finish in one month
  • Liposomal Vitamin C 180 caps (3 times a day during Covid-19, then once a day afterwards)
    I started on this as soon as I was diagnosed with Covid-19, but will continue at a lower rate after I am done
  • BDNF Essentials (2 capsules)
    I started taking it on October hoping it could help my brain function
  • KETO-NOOTROPIC (1 scoop in the morning, while fasting)
    I started taking it on middle of Nov. I take it to ensure I stay on Ketosis all the time.
  • MCT Oil – almost 3 times a week
    I am taking it sometimes when I feel I haven’t done a great job in my Keto diet today.

Second Supplements Set (Dr. SANDLIN LOWE)

The below are the ones I take based on Dr. SANDLIN LOWE, MD meeting in New York around 1 year ago.

  • CBD (every 12 hours)
    I am taking 1 ML of the 3500 mg (practically, it is 116.7 MG CBD Per ML, and that’s what I’m taking every 12 months). Not only did this reduce seizures massively, but it also made the seizure a breeze when they happen. I spoke about this in detail here

Third Supplements Set (Michelle Gerencser, MS)

  • Complete E (2 SoftGel in the morning after meal)
    I take and stop taking it few months each year to save costs. Currently taking it.
  • Isoflavone-250 (1 in the morning)
    As Michelle explained the value and research behind it for brain cancer patients .
  • Zinc Gluconate 50 mg (2 times per day )
    Latest tests showed me that it’s better to increase Zinc per day, and therefore I’m doing it twice-a-day

Soon will Start (dealing with  Mycotox)

I am resuming this as I’ve started it months ago and I’m to resume now beginning of Dec 2020

  • Magnesium Glycinate 180 caps by Metabolic Maintenance
    To manage the Ketogenic Diet, and to hopefully control the seizures and Dr. also ordered this during the cleansing
  • G.I. DETOX (2 capsules mid morning and 2 capsules at bedtime – away from food)
    (taken for 3 months earlier this year)
    1 hour away from other supplements and medications
  • Activated Charcoal (3 capsules, 2 times a day away from food)
  • TOXIC FUNGI-MOLD NOSODE – (10 drops 3 times per day)
    (taken for 3 months earlier this year)
    Place the drops under your tongue and hold there for 1 minute before swallowing – 30 minutes away from food is best

Phase 2 out of 5 (3 months) Supplements Plan
Finished already

This phase was completed on July, 2020

I have worked with many doctors, and the below are the ones that are based on what is coming from Dr. Flannery (diet and supplements started Jan, 2019) and it seems it will be 5 phases. Also, supplements from Michelle Gerencser MS (I started 2014)

First Supplements Set (Dr. Flannery)

This is the second phase, which started on April 14th, 2020

Second Supplements Set (Dr. SANDLIN LOWE)

Same as phase II

Third Supplements Set (Michelle Gerencser, MS)

  • Bacopa Extract 450 mg (one every 12 hours)
    Starting Jan 2020 with the target of managing seizure control. I never tried before without Trileptal. So far, I cannot say that I saw any difference.
  • Complete E (as in phase 3 out of 5)
  • Isoflavone-250 (as in phase 3 out of 5)
  • OmegaCo3-SE (2 soft-gels x 3 times per day)
    Started on 9/2019. Previously, other lower dose supplements were taken
  • Zn gluconate (as in phase 3 out of 5)

Phase 1 out of 5 (8 weeks) Supplements Plan
Finished already

This phase finished back in Feb, 2020

I finished that already. I will document that based on request

Other Supplements Stopped Before

Discovered Interacted with Trileptal

These were stopped back on Jan 2020

Although I no longer use Trileptal, I still did not go with them further given that my current doctors did not YET recommend it at this stage.

  • NeurO2
    stopped in 2018, as it caused auras/seizures
  • NeuroFlam
    stopped 7/2019, as it contains Curcuma longa and Resveratrol which interacts with Trileptal.
  • Huperzine A (400mcg per day) – stopped and took instead
    Acetyl-ch (1 x 2 times a day) instead
    I starting back on 8/2019 but stopped two weeks after having seen no value. perhaps too soon
    Starting Jan 2020. Note that Michelle praised using this supplement.
    (on the first day, when I took it along with L-Theanine 200 mg , I started speaking slower. I stopped both and want to try each one alone to see which one it was). Now I am on Acetyl-ch instead starting Feb 2020
  • L-Theanine 200 mg (200-600mg/day) – stopped
    Starting Jan 2020 with the target of managing seizure control
    It is relaxing, so much of it is often taken at bedtime (I started speaking slower during the day so I stopped it)

Purpose No Longer Needed

These were stopped back on Jan 2019

  • Molybdenum (2 times at night, I skip a few days)
    Been on this for years, but I got lazy and stopped using it before sleep.
  • L-Carnitine 500 mg (1 x 2 times a day – twice a week on avg)
    Started on 6/2019 trying to seek to run from fatigue. I stopped in Jan 2020 because I felt I am doing well without it given the many supplements I take.
  • Betaine HCl, Pepsin and Gentian Root Extract. (2 before each meal)
    Started in 8/2019. I kept increasing until I reached 4 capsules without any reflection, so I kept it for two months after which I went down to 2 as I feel uncomfortable. remember that EnzymixPro contains HCl too!
    However, I started feeling that I do not need these anymore especially that HCl is there in many other supplements
  • Selenium Cruciferate (1 at night)
    As Michelle explained the value and research behind it for brain cancer patients. To save come costs, I stopped taking it after committing to take it for years
  • Phosphatidylserine Serine 300 mg (1 time in the morning )
    Started again on 10/2019 then I stopped it 3 months ago. Then back in Oct 2020, I started taking it again.
  • Prometol (take 2 capsules with breakfast and 1 capsule with supper) – stopped
    Started 10/2019,. Take for 3 months. This was also suggested by Dr. Robert Miller (I finished and stopped on Jan 18th)
  • BodyBio PC liquid (1 in the morning)stopped
    To take twice a day, for 3 months (lunch and dinner), started 10/2019. (I finished and stopped on Jan 18th as the plan of using it finished)

Other Trials That Were Stopped

In different dates

What I’ve tried for seizure control back in 2015 where the following:

  • GABA
    Stopped on 2015, as it caused auras/seizures, opposite of the intention of use (but that was at the times of taking Trileptal). I then stopped considering it post stopping Trileptal as I learned that GABA would only reach the brain if something is wrong to start with!
    I intend to try it after further researching what it does by reading what Dr. Datis wrote about The GABA Challenge: Do you have a Leaky Blood Brain Barrier. However caused further seizures/auras sadly. This was long ago, and I am not sure if trying them now will work to my benefit – after Ketogenic diet and the new supplements including CBD
  • Taurine 500 mg.  (1 time at night)
    Stopped on 4/2019 after being unsure of any benefit after be used for three months of use. Originally recommended by Dr. David Musnick, MD.
  • Low dose Lithium 5 mg per day.  
    Same as above.
  • BDNF Essential
    stopped in March 2019 as it did not show any benefit after 3 months of use.
  • Boswellia serrata (7 x 3 timers per day).  
    stopped on 3/2019 as it stopped working on managing to reduce seizures like it did in 2018.
  • MSM
    stopped on 2018. Purpose: trying to reduce supplements generally, and I felt it’s safer to remove from the list.
  • Glutathione Recycler (1 vegetarian capsule, 2 times a day)
    Jan 2020, I stopped it given that I have a new plan that Dr. Flannery did not suggest it’s time to consume this at the stage.
  • Riboflavin 5 Phosphate
    Given that I haven’t verified yet the way it works, I put that on hold
  • Fatty Acid Assist, by PHP (1 prior to each meal)
    Supports the Digestion & Transport of Fats. Note that Dr. Flannery praised using this supplement (recommended by Dr. Robert Miller)
  • Neurotransmitter Support Liquescense (Take 1 Dropper daily)
    Starting Jan 2020. A homeopathic formula. I take this no more than 3 times a week as I felt scared that it might be causing seizures (while I doubt it has anything to do with it). Was recommended by Dr. Robert Miller.
  • Peroxy-Blox (by Peroxy-Blox) – stopped
    Started 10/2019. Supports Healthy Peroxynitrite Levels.
    This and the four supplements to follow were given to me by working with Dr. Robert Miller after reviewing Genetic Testing results
    Given that the three months plans are over, I stopped taking it end of Jan 2020 (recommended by Dr. Robert Miller)
  • Glutamate Scavenger II – by PHP (1 on breakfast, 2 at bedtime)
    Supports the Reduction of Glutamate. However, I decided to put on hold for the 8 weeks that I am started on with ClearVite diet. (recommended by Dr. Robert Miller)
  • H2 Infuz by Functional Genomic (1 time per day)
    Anti-oxidant Support. Stopped just like above. (recommended by Dr. Robert Miller)
  • NMN by Functional Genomic – (1 capsule per day)
    Put on hold until other issues are resolved. (recommended by Dr. Robert Miller)

Mohammad Banat

Mohammad Banat

I'm an entrepreneur who founded and runs an IT company in the Middle East. However, my life took an unexpected turn after I underwent brain surgery in 2009 to remove an Oligodendroglioma in my temporal lobe.