Personalized Tumor Neoantigen-Specific Vaccine Treatment

Dr. Saskia BiskupSaskia Biskup, MD, PhD, is a group leader at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research in Tuebingen, Germany.  She is the Managing Director of Cegat, and her company is developing a unique vaccine targeting cancer patients.The doctor says, "Changes in the genetic material (genome) of a single cell are responsible for the development

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The Vaccine Decision

Dr. Saskia Biskup Latest Updated on March 1st, 2021 I already mentioned in this page what the report looked like.  However, I did not yet meet with the doctor to discuss the outcome.   Once I do, I will update this page Assuming you read this previous page, where I shared two reports that came back in

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Four Practitioners Input in Feb

Dr. Pawluk: PEMF UseFebruary 1st , 2021I spoke to Dr. Pawluk before the surgery to help me make the plan. I did the pre-surgery part.  However, where I was supposed to start doing the PEMF starting after 5 days post-surgery, the decision did not arrive until the first 3 weeks passed.  Then, when I started

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Planning for 2nd Surgery

Below are the plans for what to take before, during, and after my surgery. Supplementations Michelle Gerencser has given me a detailed plan on how to use the current supplements, when to stop them, and how to resume them. The supplements details can be seen here.    The above shows what takes place before, during, and

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