Vaccine Started

Dr. Saskia Biskup Latest Updated on November 24th, 2021   First Trip (4 vaccination in one visit) The Report The below is the outcome that I have received after the first visit to doctor's office (and Germany).   We have met four times to induce the immune response. As you know, the aim of the treatment

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Updates for Dr. Oliver’s

  Receiving Reports from Germany (Dr. Biskup) Feb 11th, 2021 I have heard back from Dr. Biskup, and we are scheduled to meet on Feb, 23rd 2021.  She said that the outcome is already out.   They shared the following two reports with me already as below:   Report of Somatic Tumor Variants Results We

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The Vaccine Decision

Dr. Saskia Biskup Latest Updated on March 1st, 2021 I already mentioned in this page what the report looked like.  However, I did not yet meet with the doctor to discuss the outcome.   Once I do, I will update this page Assuming you read this previous page, where I shared two reports that came back in

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Four Practitioners Input in Feb

Dr. Pawluk: PEMF Use Feb 1st , 2021 I spoke Dr. Pawluk before the surgery to help me do the plan.   I did the pre-surgery part.  However, where I was supposed to start doing the PEMF starting after 5 days post surgery, the decide did not arrive until the first 3 weeks passed.  Then when

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How 6 Worst Days Passed

An EEG Proceeded Feb 2nd, 2021 Having been feeling good about not getting seizures since surgery felt good - despite that I used to have acceptable auras once every week . I had done an EEG few weeks before the surgery, and I thought it's good to compare current time vs. the time before surgery.

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First Month Post Surgery

Right After Surgery 4th of Jan, 2020 I woke up from surgery room into the ICU.   The first assessment was by a Neurologist making basic tests, one key was my legs.  They were all good.What happened right after that was that I met my wife, so can be given the CBD (this was arranged by Neurosurgeon

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The Surgery in Spain

Arriving to Barcelona, Spain 29th of December, 2020 I arrived on .   The trip took around 9 hours, and I arrived safely after having taking high doses of Boswellia, as per the recommendation that Michelle Gerencser gave me.   The trip itself had no issues at all! (thanks to you, Michelle)    Meeting the Neurosurgery & Doing fMRI I

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Plan for 2nd Surgery

The below are the plans for what takes before, during and after my surgery. Supplementations Michelle Gerencser has given me a detailed plan on how to use the current supplements, when to stop them and how to resume them. The supplements details can be seen here.    The above has what takes place before, during and

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