The Vaccine Decision

Dr. Saskia Biskup

Latest Updated on March 1st, 2021

I already mentioned in this page what the report looked like.  However, I did not yet meet with the doctor to discuss the outcome.   Once I do, I will update this page

Assuming you read this previous page, where I shared two reports that came back in Feb 2021, where I shared the “Neoepitope Prediction and Peptide Selection” (3 pages, download here) and “Report of Somatic Tumor Variants” (9 page, download here)

I had a video conference call discussing with Dr. Baskup what the potential plan looked like.  I understood that my chances of success is potentially high given that what needs to be attacked is low given that that what’s shown under “Variants with potential therapeutic relevance” is minimal and therefore can have higher chances of success.

I then received the execution plan with details which you can download and read here.  Note that I removed the financial parts.

Some other questions that were discussed post the meeting were:

  • Yes, I may not have to fly that many (not every month).  This depends on the progress
  • They do not expect side effects. Some patients have little redness and itchiness at the injection side
  • When we discussed potential outcomes, I was told that after 3 months we
    would all can hope to see shrinkage in the MRI.   

Next Steps on Vaccines

What I heard during the call and through the e-mails that followed was very promising and I can’t to see myself going through this long plan of execution hoping for good results in the process.
I think that before March, I will have made a decision.

Until I Start on Vaccine 

Last Updated on: March 2nd, 2021

I would like to first speak to the practitioners with the following proposed targets from my side:

Stage 1 (2nd month post surgery – already started)

  • Take PEMF on daily basis.  (already started doing that since Feb 10th)   
  • Resolve the poor readings in Mycotox.   I plan to go for what Dr. Elgez has been suggesting that I do.  (already started on March 7th)
  • Added Boswellia to reduce edema which showed up in the last MRI.  (I started on Feb 27th)
  • Resolve H-Pylori by using “H. PYLORI SERIES THERAPY”.  I expect this to arrive on March 21st.  That will take two-months as per the protocol that Dr. Flannery recommended.   (expect it to arrive on April 1st).
  • Probably increase the dose of CBD (still waiting to hear from Michelle first)
  • On March 4th, start exercise physically.  (started on time, and the outcome after 2nd day was excellent, I followed at 12-minute exercise exercise)
  • Not sure still if I should take Trizomal Glutathione or not.   Same about 


Stage 2 (3rd month post surgery)
  • Get brain training, when I can.  Although I was told that I must act within the first 3 to 6 months or I will lose the opportunity of improving, I am planning to start on April 4th (3 months post the surgery).   It is important to mention that I am getting better so much without any of this (but haven’t yet reached what I was like before surgery).  
Stage 3 (4th and 5th month post surgery)
  • Check on h-pylori’s progress, given that I would have finished the supplement I took.
  • Start on the resolving the Array 2 readings (leaky gut) – a couple of weeks after my first vaccine has been taken (I need to verify that with all parties first of all)
Current Diet

Currently on AIP diet (with restrictions as per what Array 10 has shared – trying to run away from Keto diet which is further restricted when without dairy.  Then if you added taking off almond, I’d also be removing what makes it possible to create “bread”.   Therefore, I stayed with AIP and I may decide to change after getting more information.