Four Practitioners Input in Feb

Dr. Pawluk: PEMF Use

Feb 1st , 2021

I spoke Dr. Pawluk before the surgery to help me do the plan.   I did the pre-surgery part.  However, where I was supposed to start doing the PEMF starting after 5 days post surgery, the decide did not arrive until the first 3 weeks passed.  Then when I started taking it, the seizures started development and I stopped using it to minimize potential sources.   I reverted back to PEMF after the 5 difficult days passed and no seizures came through and that meant that PEMF had no link to it.  Therefore, I reverted back to using PEMF, although late.
I am doing PEMF 120 30 min on daily basis, either one or two times a day.

But then, as of Feb 10th, I started taking it on daily basis.

My Complaints Until 5th Week

Feb 12th , 2021

The challenges I am going through at the moment until Feb 12th, 2021 are as follows:
  • Lack of energy (tired).  This usually starts around 11 AM and stays the same way until midnight 
  • My seizure is not controlled well at the time of sleep.  This reminds me of how I used to fill post my first surgery in 2009
  • Far more challenges in finding words, or saving new labels/information 

Dr. Oliver’s Opinion on 2nd MRI 

Feb 9th , 2021

After 1 month of the surgery, I did another MRI as per the discussion I had with the Neurosurgeon.   I have done this in Jordan, and the report can be seen here.   So, the report said “extensive white matter edema is noted within the left temporal and occipital lobes” 
Accordingly, I had to speak to Dr. Oliver to discuss the MRI which was requested by him.  The meeting concluded the following:
  • He believes that “edema” may be actually so, but it may also be low another low infiltration
  • He believes I should no longer do another MRI next month, but instead wait until 3 more months pass, then do another MRI and then connect with him to make a recommendation
  • He believes Chemo if taken on stage II, the same things that may work now will not work if stage 3 or 4 comes in the future.  Therefore, he believes it’s best to do another surgery and remove whatever can be removed soon.  He said that soon is not NOT urgent, because I am on stage II currently.
  • The doctor said that he’ll be waiting to hear from Germany soonest.
  • He suggests that if we decided to make surgery, he will most likely do whatever is needed to resolve the seizure challenges (cutting work that’s near amygdala).   

Report is Out from Germany (Dr. Biskup) 

Feb 11th , 2021

I have heard back from Dr. Biskup, and we are scheduled to meet on Feb, 23rd 2021.  She said that the outcome is already out.
They shared the following two reports with me already as below:

Neoepitope Prediction and Peptide Selection 

19 peptides were selected based on neoepitope prediction results of your patient’s tumor sequencing data. 
The selected peptides are predicted to activate not only cytotoxic T cells but also T helper cells. Therefore, in addition to short peptides (8-12 amino acids) potentially binding to HLA class I molecules also long peptides (-17 amino acids) potentially binding to HLA class II molecules were included. 

(3 pages, download here)

Report of Somatic Tumor Variants

  • We detected variants with potential therapeutic relevance in the current sample.  
  • No evidence of therapeutically relevant variants in genes CDKN2A, CDKN2B, EGFR (amplifications, activating mutations). 
  • No detection of a pathogenic/likely pathogenic germline variant. 
 (9 page, download here)
Once the meeting takes place, I will make an update on the website to show the outcome.   
The reason I am considering other options is because those 10% are significant as you can see in the below image that took place in Feb, 2021 (1 month post second surgery) are showing significant cancer cells that I prefer (if possible) to do something about as the image below shows.   Parts of these cannot be removed by surgery, most likely, according to Dr. Oliver’s.     

Dr. Flannery Meeting Outcome

Feb 12th , 2021

I have shared all the above with Dr. Flannery (he went through them prior to the call).  His recommendations are:
  • Don’t try to do much at this stage.  (i.e. it is not the time to heal Mycotox, H-Pylori, Leaky while you are just out of surgery)
  • Focus on handling the surgery impact.  Act on other things after surgery had passed for 3 months.
  • If Chemo options showed that it can kill for 50% of the cancer cells, then why not go through that path? (something that I’ll discuss with Dr. Biskup on my upcoming scheduled call on Feb 23rd, 2021)
  • Dr. Flannery recommended that I take: Resvero Active, Liqua-D, Trifolamin, Super Methyl-SP, SAMe & TMG, Brain-E 1200 and EnteroVite.   He also recommended that I take Trizomal Glutathione, but I told him I’d better wait first from Michelle Gerencser if it’s the right time to consider it or not yet.
  • The doctor also recommended the use of Boswellia (I don’t have any of them anymore, so I ordered some and I’m waiting to get them to arrive – takes two weeks)
  • Exercising at this stage is not recommended (e.g. 7-min workouts).  However, other easier simpler exercises are welcome (and he stated some specific ones) 
  • Training the brain (exercising) is recommended only if my brain is not quickly challenged (which it is).  .
Dr. Antonio Russi

Neurologist, Epileptologist, 49 years of experience.  More info

Feb 19th, 2021
The meeting took place, and Dr. Russi spent enough time with me online to understand my case.  We discussed seizures that I had since I was 12 years old, all until two weeks ago.
The bottom line of the meeting is following: 
  • Surgery to control or reduce seizures is not needed and/or not applicable in my case 
  • What happened in the 6-days that passed? He believes it could be that I reduced CBD from 1.3mg to 0.5mg around 3 weeks before it.   In other words, he’s suggesting that the number became too low, but took time before it reflected on me.  
  • He thinks that 1.3mg is too low anyways! The doctor did the math, and accordingly he stated that I need to reach 3mg (more than double of the amount I am currently taking).   I was shocked because many of the practitioners I worked with on CBD stated numbers that are even less than what I am taking today.  The doctor then shared with me how I can increase this on 5 weeks (gradually increase CBD dose)
  • He believes this will be all I need to resolve the current issue.  I told him that CBD at this dose is expensive (~USD 3000 per month).  He said that I can use Clobazam along with the current dose of CBD to save the current costs.   He believes Clobazam is safe, works on different ages including children.   
I remember that Michelle Gerencser few months back stating that the current dose I am having is too low. 

Update on My Complaints  

Feb 21st , 2021

Improvements below are not caused by anything specific that I can state.   It could be simply because time after surgery is passing (although I started PEMF, and tried to work on SIBO)
  • I gained a good part of my energy during the day.  
  • My word finding has improved.  I am getting much closer to where I was before surgery. 



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