Mycotox Test Outcome

The Results

August, 2020

The newest test were given then and the below were the most important readings!

So, in comparison to February 2020 (6 months), some value went way better, and one went worse. But none of them got to the right figures yet!

I am to follow this plan that was given to me by Dr. Aviad along with what Dr. Flannery (G.I. DETOX and TOXIC FUNGI-MOLD NOSODE)

Worth noticing is that a recent test on “Toxic and Essential Elements; Hair” has taken place, and it’s showing interesting results which Dr. Avaid said I should be accepting as something that requires no attention and to focus on MyCotox results.

February 2020: Results with Supplements

My own test result came on February 17th, and it showed that I needed to take action!

The test results are as below:

The report source file can be accessed here (2 pages)

I then met with Dr. Flannery, and we discussed the next steps and the protocol that should take place to treat my case.

The outcome was that he suggested taking the supplements in the below section

Suggested Treatment

Below is the protocol that Dr. Mark asked for

  • G.I. DETOX (for 12 weeks!)
    2 capsules midmorning and 2 capsules at bedtime (1 hour away from other supplements and medications)
    (did it for 3 months)

All of these are not supposed to start until my 8-week first phase protocol is over first. He added few more supplements too during that 12 week program which are

  • TOXIC FUNGI-MOLD NOSODE – 10 drops 3 times per day (Place the drops under your tongue and hold there for 1 minute before swallowing – 30 minutes away from food is best)
    (did it for 3 months)
  • INTESTIN-OL – 1 to 3 capsules with breakfast, 1 to 3 capsules with lunch, 1 to 3 capsules with dinner
    (did it for 3 months)
  • LAURICIDIN – 2 scoops AM and 2 scoops PM
    (did it for 3 months)

My Wife’s Got Issues Too!

Jan, 2020

A month before that, I had my wife do the test herself first too. That is what made me make think of making my own test.

The report source file can be accessed here (2 pages)

The interesting part is that my wife is reporting to a different doctor, and the protocol she was given is quite different. Here’s what she’s been given the following protocol in the following three steps:

  1. Removing the exposure – this is extremely important – to get away from the environment that contains mold
  2. Binding internal mycotoxins – starting now
  3. Treating colonizing molds in the body – later on

The Binders Recommended

  1. Start with Liquid Bentonite Clay
    Yerba Prima brand preferred – start with 1/2 teaspoon once daily and gradually build to 1 teaspoon 2x daily. (Take away from food, and at a different time from other supplements).
  2. Then activated charcoal
    • Integrative Therapeutics “Activated Charcoal” – once you are comfortable with the Bentonite, add this next. Take both together.
    • Start slowly with 1 capsule once daily, and gradually build to 1 capsule 2x daily. (Take away from food, and at a different time from other supplements).
  3. Third step is Saccharomyces boulardii
    • AOR, Pure encapsulations or other brand of “Saccharomyces boulardii” – start with 1/2 capsule daily. Begin once you have found a comfortable dose with the Charcoal. Again, this acts like a binder and is anti-inflammatory so we want to increase slowly, and avoid any aggravation. Gradually build to 2 capsules daily.

The doctor then said that later we may consider GI-Detox by Biobotanical Research, and addition of liposomal glutathione.

She was also recommended to take reduced dosages while mold is detoxing:

  • TMC: from Douglas labs
    2 capsules 2x daily, 30 minutes before eating. 1 week out of every 6 weeks only.
  • Metabolic Xtra: from Pure Encapsulations
    1 capsule 1x daily, 30 minutes before eating
  • SeroPlus: Pure from Encapsulations
    1 capsule 2x daily. – boosts serotonin, important for mood, cravings and digestion.

Mohammad Banat

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