During the Disease

So, it all started with sever headache on night, and it took four hours of non-stop pain that I can describe as being harder than the headache I had the next day of my brain surgery

I wrote below how things looked during the days of this test



So, I decided to do nothing but do what’s available in Jordan.  I decided not to go for any medication except on the second and third night of the extreme headaches.   I then stopped it

After 14-days

Although the most difficult symptoms  are gone, the reality is that some are still happening.   I am afraid that the have to do with my brain tumor probably growing, as per the MRI that I did on the second day to discover why is it that I have headache (first two Covid-19 tests showed negative)

I switched to the Ketogenic Diet, and I quite the following two supplements that I used to take because I am afraid that it’s the wrong time now given that cancer is probably growing