Lab Reports

I have worked with many practitioners that asked for many different lab tests, and I am sharing below these tests that took place in the last few months.

Blood Work Summary
2016 to 2020
All my historical blood work in one simple sheet running on functional medicine range
(A Microsoft Excel Sheet)

Mycotox Test
February, 2020
The results weren’t satisfying at all. The protocols I followed can be seen here on the website.
I am planning to retest on 15th of August 2020
(2 pages document)

Cyrex Lab Work
I had made very key tests that includes many Arrays, and I repeated these tests after following different protocols. I put the labs and the protocol details and the outcome for your review.

Adrenal Stress Index
Dec 11th, 2019
The report showed that I am doing great on all levels of Adrenal and the Circadian Cortisol Profile. (5 pages document)

Stool Test by Diagnostic Solutions
Nov 19th, 2019
The result showed interesting outcomes on Bacterial Pathogens and H. pylori along with other readings.
I am planning to retest on 15th of August 2020
(5 pages document)

Organic Acids Test
Nov 14th, 2019
The test showed bad readings on Bacterial Markers, Oxalic and Neurotransmitter Metabolites. (11 pages document).
More about the recommendations can be seen here.

DUTCH Comprehensive Urine Hormone Test
Sep 19th, 2019
You can see the report and what the doctors said here.

Genomic Resource Genetic Variant Nutritional Assessment
Sep 9th, 2019
Genetic Testing & Analysis will show you the outcome and the results from Dr. Robert Miller

Toxic and Essential Elements; Hair
March 7th, 2020
Was looking for toxicity possibilities.
(2 pages document)

DNA Tests
March 2018
I made this DNA tests from 23andMe and you can read more about that here

Last in July 2020
I do MRIs every 6 months on average (26 so far!).
The report and the actual MRIs can be found here.