Neurological Rehab Program


On July of 2019, I went to see Dr. Frank E. Patterson, to begin the proposed program at InnovaBrain.

The assessment was more extensive and thorough (a day and a half!).

Dr. Frank’s diagnostic findings led to the impression of subclinical frontal, temporal, and cerebellar deficits with vestibular processing challenges. Therapies included vestibular rehabilitation, oculomotor exercises, and manual therapy administered over the course of 6-day, intensive rehabilitation.

During the treatment, we used many technologies to assess or rehabilitate the brain

The Report

The doctor gave me home exercises with full detailed documentation on how to do them. Dr. Frank also spent a lot of quality time explaining the exercises to me, which I have learned makes a big difference for all patients (Good job, Dr. Frank!). I have included the information I received from him here if you are interested:

  • Patient Report (71 pages)
    This contains:
    • Patient History (full details)
    • Treatment Plan
    • Examinations
    • Neurocognitive Test
    • Planned Treatment
    • Outcomes
    • Appendix
      • Micromedical (VisualEyes 4 Channels) (20 pages)
      • CAPS EQ (23 pages)
  • Home Exercises (4 pages)

The Outcome

In January of 2019, I was suffering from fatigue often during the day. Also, the seizures/auras were not putting me in the comfort zone that Dr. Frank had hoped for.

Given this, I could not do the last three days in my originally scheduled two-week program.

I have, however, learned the parts of the treatment protocol that he would like me to follow.

What will I do next?

I want to go for the protocols proposed post my SPECT-Scan outcome back in September 2019, and the protocol I started working on using the Low Level Laser Therapy on October 2019 which shows a different set of priorities in comparison to what Dr. Frank proposed.

South Florida Integrative Health

Back in Jan 2019, I met Dr. David Traster for a 3-hour assessment.

I was given a daily routine program to run at home. Unfortunately, I found that the whole program was unrealistic for me to apply to my daily routine.