Selected Symptoms Timeline

Here is a quick review of what some of the symptoms during the years looked like.

YearSeizuresgrand malFatiguePoor mental clarityGut issuesSeizure MedsMRI
Childhoodat sleep time: partial complex seizure00nomaybeNo0
20083 auras only00nomaybeno1
20093 auras only00yesmaybeyes3
2010seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes2
20111 seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes2
2012seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes2
2013seizure a month.  Mild00yesyesyes2
2014seizure a month.  Mild1 (off medication)0yesyesyes2
2015two seizures per month.  mid-level00yesyesyes2
2016once per month.  strong10yesyesyes2
2017three per month. Mild to strong10yesyesyes2
2018twice per month.  strong01yesnoyes2
2019once per month.  strong01yesnoyes2

Seizure Control Changes Starting 6/2019

  • Seizures have been reduced, and more importantly, the type of seizures has changed! The type has changed between complex focal seizures to simple focal seizures.
  • Fatigue improved (however, once I fell apart without any clear reason for three days, which included a seizure).

Why have my seizures changed? I truly believe it’s because of the introduction of CBD.

Still, however, a few weeks down the road after introducing the CBD, I had a four-day bad episode. It was sort of depressing, as I could not understand why. I thought perhaps it’s something I ate, or that I am eating in my current diet? Therefore, I went for Array 10 and while writing this, I am waiting for the results to come out (at the end of August 2019).

I wrote all about my CBD experience here which explains how I controlled seizures far better than before.

In between 6/2019 to 12/2019, a significant change took place. I reduced Trileptal until I removed it completely.

EEGs and QEEGs?

You may want to look at the qEEG and EEG results too!