Selected Symptoms Timeline

Here is a quick review on what some of the symptoms during the years looked like.

YearSeizuresgrand malFatiguePoor mental clarityGut issuesSeizure MedsMRI
Childhoodat sleep time: partial complex seizure00nomaybeNo0
20083 auras only00nomaybeno1
20093 auras only00yesmaybeyes3
2010seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes2
2011 seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes2
2012seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes2
2013seizure a month.  Mild00yesyesyes2
2014seizure a month.  Mild1 (off medicaition)0yesyesyes2
2015twice seizures month.  mid-level00yesyesyes2
2016once per month.  strong10yesyesyes2
2017three per month. Mild to strong10yesyesyes2
2018twice per month.  strong01yesnoyes2
2019once per month.  strong01yesnoyes2

Seizure Control Changes Starting 6/2019

  • Seizures have been reduced, and more importantly, the type of seizures has changed! The type has changed between complex focal seizures to simple focal seizures.
  • Fatigue improved (however, once I fell apart without any clear reason for three days, which included a seizure).

Why have my seizures changed? I truly believe it’s because of the introduction of CBD.

Still, however, a few weeks down the road after introducing the CBD, I had a four-day bad episode. It was sort of depressing, as I could not understand why. I thought perhaps it’s something I ate, or that I am eating in my current diet? Therefore, I went for Array 10 and while writing this, I am waiting for the results to come out (at the end of August 2019).

I wrote all about my CBD experience here and will continue updating the page as my experiences progress.

In between 6/2019 12/2019, a significant change took place. I reduced Trileptal until I removed it completely.

EEGs and QEEGs?

You may want to look at the qEEG and EEG results too!

Mohammad Banat

Mohammad Banat

I'm an entrepreneur who founded and runs an IT company in the Middle East. However, my life took an unexpected turn after I underwent brain surgery in 2009 to remove an Oligodendroglioma in my temporal lobe.