How 6 Worst Days Passed

An EEG Proceeded

Feb 2nd, 2021

Having been feeling good about not getting seizures since surgery felt good – despite that I used to have acceptable auras once every week .   

I had done an EEG few weeks before the surgery, and I thought it’s good to compare current time vs. the time before surgery.

The outcome was better than the one I did 2 weeks before surgery!  The doctor was proud of the surgery outcome! (and I was using less CBD than I was doing after surgery because I felt good after 10 days)

The report said “Left fronto-temporal slowing due to previous surgery. No epileptiform activities seen“.   When I met with the Neurologist, he said that I should still take a medication given that I’ve had a surgery recently.   While having the discussion, I had an aura that we I did not have during the EEG, so I asked for another EEG right there and then.  However, the doctor said that it’s not needed, as a medication must be taken either way, and another EEG is not going to make a difference.   He felt strongly that his choices are Depakene, Keppra, Trileptal and Lamictal.   (he did not have any previous knowledge of CBD either way)

I left the conversation feeling saddened and I did not take any medication in practice. 

On that night, I was able to remember a reading from Quran that I was trying to recall from the day of surgery until that night.  That made me feel that “just waiting” without any action is enough to heal as per the Neurosurgeon promised me.  

Poor Time Started

Feb 3rd until Feb 8th, 2021

So, the next day after going back from the Neurologist, I started a new morning that I never had before.  
Here are the details 
  • High auras, followed with new seizures that are different than my own seizures (which took place before 6/2020).   The details
    • Frequency: average is that it happens every 9 times per hour!
    • Auras and Seizures: things happen in the following sequence:
      • Stomach is tightening (although it’s empty).  This can take 3 to 10 seconds
      • After the above (and sometimes during it but after it), the brain hair rises!  That can stay for 5 to 20 seconds
      • After the above, the I get scared at my heart – as if I am listening to scary news!  (30% of the time)
      • Seizure then comes afterwards where (10% of the case).   This last for 5 to 30 seconds.  During that time, I read and talk (different than back in 6/2020).  I get tired.
  • Sleeping
    • I am unable to sleep enough hours.  Because the above keeps happening.
      • First day I slept 3 hours with many interruptions (after 4:30 AM!)
      • Second day, I slept at 1:00 AM, and I slept at 4 AM.  Then I could sleep between 6 AM and 8 AM.   Total is 5 hours
    • The supplements I have to push to sleep didn’t working (10 mg Melatonin and others).
  • Eating: On the first day, I could not eat anything except water.   Eating anything pushes me to vomit (once every 2 hours).  However, vomiting does not take place because I did not eat anything anyways.
    • On the second date, I did potato.  I wasn’t able to do except a small one.  That was it all over the day
    • On the third day, I could not eat anything at all (not feeling hungry, and the vomiting feeling keeps failed – although my gut is empty.
  • Hospitals
    • First Hospital 
    • I ignored all of this on the first day, and I increased my CBD – (previously it was 1.3, then reduced to 0.5, and on the day I had issues I increased it back to 1.5).  No better outcome during these three days
    •  I saw that this made no difference.   So, I decided to go to the emergency of a hospital.  
    • Having heard all of this, they decided to test my heart (as these feeling never took place before)
      • The outcome was negative!
    • So, they thought this is caused by the seizures despite the sequence
      • They did don’t know CBD!  So they introduced a Neurologist, who proposed the following
        • They proposed Depakene.  However, I made some research and I’ve discovered that GGT can’t be high while mine was much higher.  When I showed to doctors, they decided to drop it
          • Therefore, I decided personally to take Trileptal
            • I started with 450 mg.  nothing got better.  I went to 600, then I went to 900 and stopped at it.  That took place over 2 days.   While I did get “slightly” better , all overall things were still poor. 
    • So, this time I decided to go for a gastroenterologist.   He heard the full story, and he said this is all related to the gut.   Therefore, asked for blood work, and stool test and and abdominal ultrasound.   All turned negative, except that H-Pylori showed up and “it is the issue”, he said.   I was given an antibiotic.   I did not take them.   I did not believe that H-Pylori caused this, because I had it all last years and I did not have  those symptoms.  
  • Blood Tests
    • Feb 2nd: Blood test (attached to the e-mail)
      • This was before Trileptal, because it was the day before all of my new sufferings. 
      • You’ll see non Page 4, at the end.   GGT is much higher.   You’ll see below it the reading on 12.2020, and on 7.2020, and the numbers has increased.  Perhaps for medications we took during the surgery?

On the 5th day, I started eating better.   The 6th day, I got back on all ends.   No seizures anymore, no gut issues, everything is just gone.   So, this has nothing to do with the H-Pylori.


Then I Got Better  

Feb 9th until Feb 12th, 2021

So, on the 6th day, I just got better without taking anything different.      No seizures anymore, no gut issues, everything is just gone.   So, this has nothing to do with the H-Pylori.

Seizures were probably were caused mainly by emotions/stress given that I am having my father has been recently struggling.  That might be possible, given that I wasn’t able to sleep enough hours during those times.


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