Examples of Brain Challenges

This is a selected list of brain challenges that I am suffering with.

  • I toss color names as I say them (especially green!).
  • I toss my kids names as I say them
  • Hard for me to remember project names
  • When typing, I may type “write” as “right” (since surgery). Sometimes I do this more often than others. I discover it when re-reading
  • Difficult to look up most names of people at my work environment without challenges.
  • Directions challenges (I depend on maps)
  • Very hard to remember street names
  • City names
  • I skip words when writing (I write less words than I thought I did, despite that I write fast)
  • Difficulties remember month names
  • Hard to run a fast side thoughts (which is critical ) without losing the attention of the person speaking to me
  • any short interruptions can easily make it difficulty to remember the previous work subject
  • Keep making the same mistakes when writing some words, even if repeated (e.g. the word “exercise”). I don’t remember what’s the right set of letters and sequence
Mohammad Banat

Mohammad Banat

I'm an entrepreneur who founded and runs an IT company in the Middle East. However, my life took an unexpected turn after I underwent brain surgery in 2009 to remove an Oligodendroglioma in my temporal lobe.