Examples of Brain Challenges

This is a selected list of brain challenges that I am suffering with.

  • I toss color names as I say them (especially green!).
  • I toss my kids names as I say them
  • Hard for me to remember project names
  • When typing, I may type “write” as “right” (since surgery). Sometimes I do this more often than others. I discover it when re-reading
  • Difficult to look up most names of people at my work environment without challenges.
  • Directions challenges (I depend on maps)
  • Very hard to remember street names
  • City names
  • I skip words when writing (I write less words than I thought I did, despite that I write fast)
  • Difficulties remember month names
  • Hard to run a fast side thoughts (which is critical ) without losing the attention of the person speaking to me
  • any short interruptions can easily make it difficulty to remember the previous work subject
  • Keep making the same mistakes when writing some words, even if repeated (e.g. the word “exercise”). I don’t remember what’s the right set of letters and sequence