Selected Symptoms Timeline

Here is a quick review of what some of the symptoms during the years looked like. YearSeizuresgrand malFatiguePoor mental clarityGut issuesSeizure MedsMRIChildhoodat sleep time: partial complex seizure00nomaybeNo02006no00nonono02007no00nonono020083 auras only00nomaybeno120093 auras only00yesmaybeyes32010seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes220111 seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes22012seizure a month.  Mild00yesmaybeyes22013seizure a month.  Mild00yesyesyes22014seizure a month.  Mild1 (off medication)0yesyesyes22015two seizures per month.  mid-level00yesyesyes22016once per month.