Updates for Dr. Oliver’s


Receiving Reports from Germany (Dr. Biskup)

Feb 11th, 2021

I have heard back from Dr. Biskup, and we are scheduled to meet on Feb, 23rd 2021.  She said that the outcome is already out.
They shared the following two reports with me already as below:

Report of Somatic Tumor Variants

  • We detected variants with potential therapeutic relevance in the current sample.  
  • No evidence of therapeutically relevant variants in genes CDKN2A, CDKN2B, EGFR (amplifications, activating mutations). 
  • No detection of a pathogenic/likely pathogenic germline variant. 

 (9 page, download here


Neoepitope Prediction and Peptide Selection

19 peptides were selected based on neoepitope prediction results of your patient’s tumor sequencing data.
The selected peptides are predicted to activate not only cytotoxic T cells but also T helper cells. Therefore, in addition to short peptides (8-12 amino acids) potentially binding to HLA class I molecules also long peptides (-17 amino acids) potentially binding to HLA class II molecules were included.

(3 pages, download here)


Meeting Dr. Saskia Biskup

March 1st, 2021

I had a video conference call discussing with Dr. Baskup what the potential plan looked like.  I understood that my chances of success are very high given that the types that needs be attacked (under Variants with potential therapeutic relevance”) are easy to successfully work with.  Namely, the ones targeted are IDH1 and TERT 
I then received the execution plan with details which you can download and read here.  Note that I removed the financial parts.

Some other questions that were discussed post the meeting were:

  • They do not expect side effects. Some patients have little redness and itchiness at the injection side
  • When we discussed potential outcomes, I was told that after 3 months, we can hope to see shrinkage of the cancer in the MRI

Meeting Dr. Saskia Biskup


March 1st, 2021

Post surgery, I noticed that I cannot open my mouth in full.   I did not know why that was, but I assumed it is a side effect from the surgery, and that I need to just wait for time before it can open in full.
Two weeks ago, things got easy and I was able to open my mouth in full at ease, without difficulties.
However, yesterday I watched something new that I never had before.
I am worried for what this means, and why.   Honestly, the outcome is very annoying as it is giving a look that isn’t comfortable to others.
The video below explains what I am seeing.
First: Compare left to the right (I am showing the left first, which is where the surgery was done)
Second: This is the left area alone (short video, closer view)