Patient Case Brief

Quick History

Back in 1990, I had my first partial complex seizure at sleep time (I was around 12 years old), and I ignored it for long years as I figured that not sleeping in the middle of the day resolved the issue and I no longer had them. 

I was diagnosed with left temporal low-grade glioma in 2009, and he was told that most likely he had those seizures. I suspect it has been around for decades, given my history. I started having nocturnal seizure-like episodes at 12 years old that went untreated. It is interesting to note that if he took an afternoon nap, it would result in a nighttime episode.

In 2005, he noted left leg numbness, and a brain MRI noted a mass in his temporal lobe, which was then followed for years with regular scans. In June 2008, his scan showed enlargement, and he was symptomatic with some changes in his recognition and meaning of words while reading, along with some confusion. In November 2008, he consulted with a neurologist, who recommended a surgical resection.

In 2006, by coincidence, I had my first brain MRI to discover that I had what appeared to be a benign tumor. The doctor advised me not to take any action, but to continue to watch if progress is showing first. Therefore, I put things on hold all up until I had my first partial complex seizure in 2008. That pushed me personally to take a new action, seeking surgery elsewhere at a place that surgery was actually possible.

Accordingly, I had my brain surgery on February 9, 2009 (in Canada), at which time they resected my low-grade glioma, which was diagnosed as an Astrocytoma Grade II (later in Cleveland – UK they said it was an oligoastrocytoma in their report).  A functional MRI was done prior to surgery to target the cuts properly. 

The pathology report and surgy report stated that the resection removed 92% of what was targeted. The tumor sent off for testing, which showed that MGMT methylation issues are responsive to standard of care, namely Temozolomide

While the surgery was “successful”, it surely left me with brain challenges that partially improved within three months, and then shortly after, they worsened with time until this day.

No one told me to do anything beyond that.  No tests, no diets, no food choices, and I used to have my high-carb diets until in 2013, one MRI showed me that some brain tumors were slightly developing, and that made me move to the nutrition world, and I followed diets since then with different purposes.

I had two grand mal seizures, one in 2015 while trying to wean off Trileptal (without referring to a doctor) and another in 2017 even though I was on Trileptal.

Post-surgery, sleeping was difficult because seizures would only show up when I started to sleep (just like when I was a child but was ignoring).   After years of healing, this is no longer a problem. However, I have lost my ability to have dreams while asleep, all until my second surgery that took place 2021.

What is more interesting is that even though I have remained without metastatic cancer or a fast cancer growth since then (as I was still in stage II), my brain functions have been declining one year after the other until this moment.

In 2017, I discovered the new route of Functional Medicine, and that let me meet many fine doctors who investigated new paths that I hadn’t been thinking about before.

On November 4th, 2020, I had COVID-19 disease, and I made an MRI, and I discovered that the brain tumor has grown sadly.  After discussing this with fine doctors, they strongly believe what caused this tumor growth is the high use of L-Glutamine (RepairVite) to heal the leaky gut, so I stopped these immediately.

On January 4, 2021, I had my second surgery, and the neurosurgeon made a resection removing 90% of the tumor (Learn More About Post the Brain Surgery), and that left me with new challenges (so far), as discussed below under “Memory Challenges and Reading Difficulties.”

In September 2023, I had an MRI showing that I have cancer growth that requires attention for another surgery, and I’m working on that.  

It is worth mentioning that between 2000 and 2009, I used to do bubbly (smoking) every other day.


This is a brief list of symptoms that I am suffering from now, and these have taken place since my first brain resection until now

  1. Memory Challenges and Reading Difficulties

    Since 2009, my challenges have been word-finding difficulties. It is almost impossible to remember far-past events. I read slowly, and I get tired after reading beyond two pages.

    However, after the second surgery on January 5, 2021, I started having more challenges.  Finding words has become slightly worse, and reading has become worse but improved a year later.


  2. 10% Tumor Remains

    The second surgery took place successfully on Jan 4th, 2021.  Pathology stated that it is Grade II Oligodendrogliomas.    90% of the tumor was removed, and 10% remained.

    New options were introduced on the table to either delay the progression of these 10% or hopefully reduce it if possible.

    However, I knew back in September 2023 that further growth showed up and that it would require surgery as soon as possible.

  3. Occasional Auras and Seizures

    Had two grand mall seizures in 2013 and 2017.  CBD has helped a great deal, but some incidents like getting sick or if I’m under stress would show auras and/or seizures. 

    After my second brain surgery on Jan 2021, I am seeing that my seizures are actually better than before!


Tests and Diagnosis

I have done so many tests, all of them with the lead of different practitioners

  1. Intestinal Antigenic Permeability
    Cyrex Lab: Array 2

    Discovered on 2017, and tested three times so far.  The tests are showing that Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), both IgG and IgA are still in the Equivocal range.

    By the end of 11/2020, I will have my fourth test done hoping good progress this once.


  2. MycoTOX Profile
    Mold Exposure

    Very high readings of “Ochratoxin A”, “Gliotoxin” and “Mycophenolic Acid”.   I cleaned the sources at the house, and I went through treatment for months, then did the test again on 6/2020 to find out that I still need to do more.


  3. Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity
    Cyrex Lab: Array 7x

    All the readings are green except for Alpha + Beta Tubulin IgG+IgA, where it is Out of Range.   The diet and supplements are supposed to be helping this.  The focus now is on Array 2 outcome and once that is healed we’ll test this one.


  4. Multiple Food Immune Reactivity
    Cyrex Lab: Array 10

    On 7, 2019, this reading showed that I can’t eat eggs or cheese,  no for rice and wheat.  Beans and lentil are out of range.  I can’t eat macadamia (bad for keto).  The rest are a few and aren’t difficult for me to follow.


  5. Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen
    Cyrex Lab: Array 5

    Earlier in 2020, we have discovered that 3 readings were in Equivocal range, while 4 were Out of Range.


  6. GI MAP
    DNA Stool Analysis – Stool Test

    Having done GI MAP test, I discovered several issues with H-Pylori being the most important one that is being healed.

    GI MAP: DNA Stool Analysis – Stool Test

  7. SPECT Scan
    Precision Analytical Report

    I have met with Dr. Sandlin Lowe, MD at Amen Clinics in New York.   The outcome was astonishing showing that both my left and right temporal lobes aren’t functioning well.  I followed plenty of the discussions protocols but I am yet to see any positive outcome


  8. DUTCH Test
    Precision Analytical Report

    Estradiol (E2) is low, while the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin was high (for long years).   I could not yet treat this despite different supplements given to me. 


  9. Organic Acid Test
    The Great Plains Laboratory

    That showed many readings that are higher and lower than the range.    I have spoken to Dr. Robert Miller about this test, and most importantly was that the Neurotransmitter issues.


Treatment Plan

The treatment plan has surely been different over the years for different purposes.  However, I am  

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    I did 12 sessions and stopped (I quit the diet).
    On Nov 2020, I start another 12 sessions plan and then left for my second brain surgery.


  2. Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet (with further restrictions)

    The known diet with further restrictions. Dairy free, butter-free with restrictions from selected vegetables that are typically accepted in Keto.  I started Middle of Nov, 2020. 


  3. Supplements

    I have been on different supplements for different purposes for years but all with the help of practitioners.  All of these are well documented in brief on the website.  Those are managed by Dr. Flannery and other fine practitioners.


  4. CBD Oil

    I have worked with three different people who specializes in CBD.  With long months, I discovered that the numbers must be much higher than I first heard.   It is helping but still I am not 100% out of seizures


  5. H-Pylori & Pathogens

    I am currently on one-month of Matula Tea and hoping to finish end of November 2020, although my previous treatment did significantly change the reading.

    I suggest you have a look at the supplements I am taking that were  used for the Pathogens


Past Diseases/Infections

  1. Covid-19 Disease

    I got infected on Nov 5th, 2020, and the first three days were extremely difficult.  After 10 days has passed, majority of the symptoms went down but the testing shows the case is still positive.


  2. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

    My breath test was positive for Positive for hydrogen sulphide. On 2012, three months later, I was healed after following a dietary protocol and set of supplements


  3. Poor Diet: High Carbs, Processed Food

    Stopped at 2013 as I started on healthier diet and I stopped processed food, high carbs and sweets. I then switched into four different diets over the years, all are healthy diets for sure but not all were the right ones.


Currently on Hold

These are treatments and tools that I have tried but they did not yet yield into positive outcomes.  I am still thinking they will work at one point once I finish root causes that haven’t yet been healed.

  1. Low Level Laser Therapy

    I have met two fine doctors who spoke to me about Erchonia XLR8 device. I have tried about 30 sessions at first without any positive response.


  2. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

    I have researched and spoken to the best specialist in the field. I had several sessions with Dr. William Pawluk, who is “the” expert in the field of PEMF and I ended up with two devices.   I still use often but no positive impact on the brain function nor seizure control


  3. Neurofeedback

    I started with Dr. Barry Sterman, and then went through many doctors with different devices.   Some doctors believes that with a brain resection, it is not practical to expect anything from the Neurofeedback


Thoughts for Future

These are things I haven’t yet worked on, but I may have to do that if I failed to find positive outcomes from the current plans

  1. Chemotherapy: Temozolomide

    I have a confirmed heterozygosity at 1p and 19q, and MGMT promoter was methylated. At
    the right time, I may decide to take Temozolomide.

    One day, I may go to King Hussein Cancer City to try Temozolomide. I am not into Radiotherapy, however.


  2. Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a trance-like mental state in which people experience increased attention, concentration, and suggestibility.  I intend to soon talk to the right practitioners with experience of patients who has brain challenges

  3. CranioSacral

    I have spoken to a doctor who advised that I look into new opportunities. However, this required traveling and staying in the U.S. for several weeks and I couldn’t allocate the time to do that yet, especially with Coronavirus

Practitioners I Worked With

Since 2013, and I’ve been working with different people, most of them are in the United States. A good number of them are ones that I traveled to them, while others I got their service online.

They have different approaches and have different specialists. I have mentioned them here, and I spoke about each one of them and where applicable I shared their proposed solutions and/or supplement protocols.