Dr. Marvin Berman

On the Vielight device usage protocol

August 17th, 2020

All information being shared here are specific to my case, and there is more that Dr. Marvin has stated and typically provides to his patients.

I first met Dr. Berman when I watched one of his videos on YouTube, and that led me to communicate with him further, seeking his knowledge and experience for my case.

During my session with the doctor, I was asked to get into three different protocols/setups for the Vielight device. The easier to do is to share them in photos below

The doctor stated that it is best done in sequence, where each one of them is done on a separate day.

Protocol A
Protocol B
Protocol C

The session takes 20 minutes, typically. However, Dr. Berman stated clearly that it is best that those 20 minutes are separated into 5 minutes each, with 10 minute break in between seeking to see if there are any reactions.

So, in total, the whole experience will last 50 minutes

The doctor stated clearly that if I felt any of the symptoms below, then I should be stopping for the day and not continuing that 20-minute protocol. The symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Stuffiness or ‘fullness’
  • Irritated/agitated
  • Dizziness

I was also told not to increase the length of time until I am no longer reacting with any of the above responses

On my third session (Protocol C in the photos), I felt sleepy, but I continued until the 20 minutes were over (by mistake!). So, Dr. Berman informed me to take 3 to 5 days off before starting the process again.

How Long?

Well, some doctors stated that it’s 6 weeks, and others said it’s 12 weeks. Dr. Berman said to me that this treatment is likely something I’ll be doing forever as a way to regain and maintain your capabilities

He did inform me that if things did not work for the first month, we would have to review and revise our approach.

About Neurofeedback

The doctor is also an expert in the Neurofeedback area, and he wished I could do a recent qEEG so he would make further recommendations that would go along with the Vielight design. Perhaps sometime soon, that will be possible.

Until then, I thought I would just use my NeurOptimal neurofeedback device.