Brain, Metabolic and Region Location Assessment

Kharazian Institute Assessments

I have learned about these assessments by learning from Dr. Datis, and by working with some find doctors. You can check them out here. I have filled these multiple times in the past, and the links below are the latest ones:

Dr. Flannery Selected Assessments

I have received several forms to fill when working with Dr. Mark Flannery, and I have seen that these are excellent reports that are worth sharing with whoever is reading about my case.

Neurological Rehab Program

I suggest you read more about the Neurological Rehab Program that I went through with two find doctors. Dr. David Traster and Dr. Frank E. Patterson

Cyrex and Other Lab Work

It is important to note that I have done many of Cyrex Lab Array tests, and the outcomes were important, and is important to look at.

You can check my other lab test (blood work) by visiting the recent lab reports page.

You can also check the Hormone tests.

You can also look at the Genetic Testing & Analysis tests, results and supplements

A very key test was also the SPECT Scan which comes with a report and a set of recommendations, which I started following.

If you are interested to look at the details of the surgery, pathology and Functional MRI